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Controversial – Second Genesis (CD Album – Controversial)

Genre/Influences: Industrial-metal, doom, crossover.

Background/Info: Controversial is a Belgian solo-project set up by Bart Coninckx. The guy has been involved in music for several years, but started with Controversial only a few years ago. This self-debut album featured thirteen songs plus two remixes.

Content: The influences and style of Controversial quickly comes through. Bart Coninckx is clearly driven by the sonic legacy of bands such as Ministry, KMFDM and Klute (to name a few). There’s a constant mix of industrial guitar riffs and electronics. From time to time a short guitar solo emerges from the repetitive loops. The tracks are also characterized by the use of spoken movie samplings while the vocals appear to be rudimentary.

Both last tracks are remixes by Die Krupps and Leather Strip.

+ + + : Controversial is not exactly innovating, but has accomplished an honest work. The industrial guitar riffs have been put into loops, creating a menacing sphere reinforced by a linear rhythms and achieved with electronics. I prefer the more elaborate songs where extra guitar and more explicit electro treatments have been added. Controversial didn’t spare any effort to catch the attention and I say this for the professional artwork of this digipak, and also for featuring Die Krupps and Leather strip as remixers. Claus Larsen did a great job although adding his own voice to the song, which more sounds like a remix by Klute instead of Leather Strip.

- - - : A few songs could have been more worked out. The numerous samplings are cool, but a bit more vocals would be an interesting aspect to consider.

Conclusion: This album is an honest debut so let’s keep an eye on Controversial!

Best songs: “Take Command”, “Wolf Or Sheep”, “Suffering Unseen”, “Violence”, “Take Command – Leather Strip Remix”.

Rate: (7).

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