By exploring several media throughout the years we were confronted and influenced by a myriad of artists, which opuses ring out through our creative endeavours.

We offer an extensive but not exhaustive list, in random order of bands, graphic artists, movies and others:

Andrew Eldrtich (The Sisters of Mercy)

Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain)

Carl McCoy (Fields of the Nephilim)

Al Jourgenson (Ministry)

Anton Szandor Lavey (Satanic Bible)

Front Line Assembly

Suicide Commando

Channel Zero

Velvet Acid Christ


Die Krupps

A Split Second

Lamb of God

Jan Frederickx (Agathocles)

Front 242


H.R. Giger


Fear Factory

Dire Straits


The Haunted

The Fight Club


Suicide Commando