"Controversial" is the name of a one-man musical project originated by Bart Coninckx. The first creations were made in 2001, in a home studio. Back then the project was named "Pitch Black". Then it went quiet for a couple of years because of the creator's health issues.

In 2014 things got better and Bart invested once more in a computer based home studio. Technology sky-rocketed in a couple of years, which created means to produce a professional sound. 

"Controversial" aims to create the music Bart always wanted to hear, but never came across. "Controversial" would become the vehicle of trying to get to that sound. Bart's view on music is not limited to one or the other genre or category. If anything, he tries to rise above the "box mentality" and just take the particular energy form one music genre and mix it with another. In this way he likes to go down the road less traveled , thus being "controversial".

Also lyrical content does not bend for conformity, censorship or common decency and talks about things that might be considered disturbing. The result, again, are "controversial" topics. 

Inspiration comes from anywhere, but Controversial adheres to the "Left-Hand Path" philosophy. Man should be his own god. 

On some tracks Controversial omits it's typical distorted vocals in favour of spoken samples which, due to their content and placement, create social themed "sample-instrumentals". To Controversial, life is one big audio-visual theater where sampling should be a devil's given right and a magnificent addition to the sonic arsenal.

Enjoy the sonic trip "Controversial" takes you on.