Review by: Kurt Ingels

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Translation by: Bart Coninckx

Bart Coninckx has a broad musical taste, but, there's one constant, meaning it can be dark and filthy, from The Sisters Of Mercy, across Front 242 to metal like in Metallica. Mix this all together and what do you get? Exactly, Controversial, or a Flemish Ministry, or Fear Factory and that's definitely something to be proud of.

The fact that Die Krupps and Leaether Strip, not really unknowns in the industrial scene, did and especially wanted to commit to a remix, is very flattering but at the same time understandable because the more rough reincarnations of these projects adhere seamlessly to the heavy sounds being produced here.

Heavy, yes, but that can be also be an added value, just think of the fry shop's snack at around midnight. And there's more, a certain critical view on our crazy society is no stranger to mister Coninckx. “Violence” (also revisited by Die Krupps) is such an example, assembled with samples en colored with an irresistible electro metal riff.

I readily admit that this is not my preferred music, all the more impressive it is that this debut album “Second Genesis” knew how to intrigue me for its complete duration. Is it because of the nice interchange in between sample based instrumentals and rather ‘conventional’ songs?

“Commercial Breakdown” is very punchy, hi Ministry?, and contains hard hitting lyrics. From the dreary opener “Trauma Of Birth” to the EBM inspired and the dancefloor hard hitter “Take Command” (also available in a Leaether Strip version) this is an album that should resonate with both industrial metal fans, as with the black scene (or what remains there of, more than you think, by the way).

The weeping “Crying” is a different kind of composition and could have been produced by :Wumpscut:, while flirting with an epic metal guitar. The least we can say is that this remarkable debut is produced with guts and talent. It's raw but Controversial has something to say and behind the alloy of electronics and guitars no doubt a Flemish "boy" is to be found with lots of dreams and a contemporary romantic soul. I wonder how long it will take for this release to be discovered by a label so Controversial can wreak havoc across this country's boundaries! It would be more than deserved.